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Terms & Conditions


  1. Your request for Kimani Aliments Personal Chef Services is confirmed upon receipt of two items:

    1. 50%deposit fee (a nonrefundable deposit that is applied to the total cost).  

    2. This payment constitutes acceptance of both the Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions of the Service Agreement.

  2. Full payment (excluding grocery reimbursement) is due by the Please Pay By date listed by the chef, which is seven (7) business days before Cook Date.

    1. Late payments will be charged $50-dollar late payment fee. 

    2. Failure to pay the balance 48 hours is grounds for total cancellation of the event by Kimani Aliments

    3. If the cook date is within 7 days of Kimani Aliments initial consultation, then the full payment is due immediately upon signature of the Service Agreement.

  3. If culinary services will be rendered on a national observed holiday, Kimani Aliments will require a $125 booking fee.

  4. If the client proves to be unreasonably difficult, humorless, mean, or more trouble than the service is worth, Kimani Aliments reserves the right to cancel the Service Agreement entirely, at any time.  Money paid for the service (excluding deposit) will not be refunded within five (5) business days of cancellation date.

  5. Requests for hard-to-acquire ingredients or last-minute menu changes will be taken on an individual basis only.  In some cases, due to time and availability, such requests might not be possible.

  6. The client agrees to provide Kimani Aliments and staff with a work environment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment is defined by: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or written communication of a sexual nature, and physical conduct of a sexual nature.

    1. Failure by the client to provide such an environment is considered a material breach of the Service Agreement, allowing Kimani Aliments to immediately cancel or terminate the Service Agreement and to immediately stop performance.

    2. Money paid by the client will be forfeited due to violation of the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement.

  7. Kimani Aliments takes great pride in the service it provides.  To maintain authenticity of workmanship during the service, outside food or food vendors will not be offered to attendees by the client without the express approval of Kimani Aliments,

  8. Bartending service is Excluded in the Service Agreement, the client agrees to provide the alcohol.

    1. The client is responsible for communicating any/all drinking restrictions for guests.  No guests under the age of 21 will be provided alcohol. The client is responsible for the health and safety of all guests drinking alcohol.

  9. If the client resides in an area with zoned or timed parking and cannot provide off-street parking or otherwise free parking, a $30 surcharge will be added to the Service Agreement.

  10. Upon arrival at the cooking site - if the cooking environment is unsanitary, unsafe, or cannot accommodate safe cooking, the event will be canceled without refund to the client.  

    1. Unsanitary conditions include (and are not limited to): dirty countertops, dirty floors, dirty stove-top and oven, presence of mold on walls, obvious presence of pests (cockroaches, mice, rats).

    2. Unsafe cooking environment includes (and is not limited to): malfunctioning equipment, broken gas lines, presence of illegal drugs or weapons, presence of violent behavior.

  11. If Kimani Aliments is not provided access to the cooking site by the time specified in the Service Agreement, the following shall apply:

    1. After one (1) hours of no access, the event will be cancelled without refund to the client. After two hours, food items meant to be refrigerated until cook-time are at risk for spoilage.

  12. If the cooking site changes to a location that does not have suitable kitchen space and utility, Kimani Aliments reserves the right to modify or cancel the Service Agreement without a refund.

  13. If the client requests a delay to the start of the service, or if the client creates a significant delay during the service, the client will be subject to a $25 surcharge for each thirty (30) minute delay.

  14. Service held outside of the immediate Seattle metro area will include a $30 gas and mileage charge on the Kimani Aliments Service Agreement.  

  15. Every effort will be made to adhere to the agreed-upon dinner selections in the SY Service Agreement.  SY reserves the right to make quality-improvement changes in-whole or in-part to each dish.  Acceptable justification for item changes include, and are not limited to: dissatisfaction with available ingredients or unexpected availability of more desirable ingredients. Menu changes will be subject to client approval and are only made with client satisfaction in mind.

  16. Each entrée per visit includes at least 2-4 servings.  The serving sizes offered are reasonable estimates for average individual food consumption.

a)    Any leftovers, which is defined as “prepared and unserved food items” will be packaged and refrigerated for future consumption by the client.  All unprepared (fresh) food items are the property of Kimani Aliments and will not be left with the client.

  1. Additional entrées will incur a surcharge of $50.  Special requests may incur a surcharge.

  1. In the event of severely inclement weather, Kimani Aliments and the client shall make a mutual determination regarding the continuance of the event. Both the client and Kimani Aliments agree to coordinate changes in a respectful and professional manner.

    1. If agreement to rescheduling event is made, payments received by Kimani Aliments for perishable groceries or non-refundable items acquired by Kimani Aliments for the event shall be forfeited.  In this case, purchased and nonrefundable food items for the event will be given to the client for consumption.  The nonrefundable deposit will be honored and any remaining funds paid to Kimani Aliments for the event shall be issued to the client in the form of a credit valid for two (2) months, depending on Kimani Aliments availability.

    2. If a publicly-announced Snow Emergency, Flooding, or Tropical Storm/Hurricane Alert has been issued, the ability to proceed or to reschedule the event shall be at the sole discretion of Kimani Aliments. If the event is rescheduled, payments made towards purchased perishable or non-refundable items acquired by Kimani Aliments for the event shall be forfeited.  The remaining balance paid towards the Kimani Aliments event shall be issued to the client in the form of credit valid for four months.

  2. Any damages, losses, or liability due to actions by the Client or due to the condition of the Client’s appliances or due to the condition of the event site/cooking site shall be borne by the Client.  Kimani Aliments bears no responsibility for such damages, losses or liability.

  3. Client agrees to adhere to the reheating instructions for all prepared and packaged. meals. Problems occur if food is not heated sufficiently.  Always follow the instructions provided for your prepared foods.

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