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    Meal Prep

  Work on a meal plan​:

Decided with the chef how many meals per week you would like. Our clients usually choose between 3-5 meals weekly, we can accommodate any requests you have. Meal prep services are very flexible you can change your plan weekly. We also allow our clients to stop and restart service at anytime.

Menu Planning:

Each week we design a different menu based on dietary restrictions.We strive for healthy and nutritious meals, made with quality ingredients. We select the freshest components for each meal. Kimani Aliments are trained to cook any cuisine. 

Providing the ingredients:

Our personal chef will shop at a local market for the ingredients for your meal. We strive for local, Farm-fresh, Non-GMO, wild caught and organic for every meal. This helps us make sure that we give good quality food.

Preparing the meal for the week:

Meals will be prepared in the comfort of your home or ours. We will prepare the whole weeks meal for you. Depending on how many people we are cooking for; it might take 2-5 hours to prepare the food. If the preparation will be at your home, you are more than welcomed to join but you don't have to as long as the chef has access to your home in advance.

Storing your meals:

After cooking is done and food is cooled to the proper temperature, the chef will package each food item individually.

Each meal will be labeled so you will be able to find meals easily. We will leave behind a printed menu for each day for your use. We will also leave reheating instructions for your use.


We strive to leave each kitchen better than we found it. Ingredients used will be stored away. Dishes will be washed, dried and placed away for next use. All kitchen surfaces will be washed and sanitized. Floors will be swept and mopped if possible. We will make sure your kitchen is ready for the next meal session

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